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(a) Any property owner, prior to connecting to the municipal sewer system, shall be required to purchase a portion of the depreciated wastewater treatment, interceptor, trunk, and pumping facilities and system capacity improvements outlined in the city's comprehensive sewer plan through the payment of a plant investment fee (P.I.F.).

(b) Any new or expanded existing use, requesting or requiring connection to the municipal sewer system shall pay the required P.I.F. The P.I.F. is due and payable prior to the connection of the new or expanded use. A P.I.F. is nonrefundable and shall remain as part of the property to which it has been assigned, to be passed on with the sale of the land.

(b) Funds collected from the sewer system plant investment fee shall be deposited in the Sewer Reserve Fund No. 465.

(d) The sewer system P.I.F. is listed in Title 20, Chapter 20.80. (Ord. 1451 § 3, 1999; Ord. 678 § 3, 1978.)