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The following provisions apply to any development, construction, or use of land for piers and docks within shoreline jurisdiction:

(1) Pier and dock construction shall be the minimum size necessary to meet the needs of the use.

(2) New pier or dock construction, excluding docks accessory to single-family residences, must demonstrate that a specific need exists to support the intended water-dependent or public access use.

(3) New residential development of two or more dwellings must provide joint use or community dock facilities, when feasible, rather than allow individual docks for each residence.

(4) Docks, piers, and any other over-water structures for similar purpose, are prohibited in free-flowing streams and rivers in the city of Selah. Bridge and trestle piers, flow measuring gauges, and existing irrigation diversion facilities are excluded from the prohibition in this section. (Ord. 2123 § 1 (Att.), 2021.)