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(a) In granting a Class 1 permit, the administrative official shall review the application, site plan, and all other necessary information to determine that:

(1) The proposed development complies with the standards and provisions of the zoning district in which it is located, the development standards of Chapter 10.08, and all other applicable sections of this title, except when adjusted or otherwise modified according to the provisions of this title.

(2) Adequate water, sewer, roads, and other infrastructure improvements exist, or will be provided, to serve the project consistent with the purpose of the zoning district. When necessary to meet current development standards, or to serve the proposed use, conditions may be required relating to: the number and location of vehicular access points; the dedication of additional right-of-way; public use easements; increased building setbacks to provide for future road improvements identified in an adopted transportation plan; storm drainage facilities; other infrastructure improvements; or other mitigation measures required under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

(b) When the proposed Type I use does not meet one or more of the requirements of subsection (a) of this section, it shall either be subject to conditions to correct the deficiency, or if it cannot be adequately conditioned to comply with this title, it shall be denied.

(c) When a Class 1 application is denied the administrative official shall prepare written findings stating the specific reasons upon which the decision was made.

(d) When a proposed Class 1 use is conditioned or denied, the applicant and/or property owner may appeal the determination to the legislative authority, as provided for in Title 21. (Ord. 1634 § 23, 2004.)