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(a) A notice of application shall not be required for project permits that are categorically exempt under SEPA (Chapter 43.21C RCW) unless a public comment period or an open record pre-decision hearing is required such as but not limited to:

(1) Application for building permits;

(2) Application for lot line adjustments (short plat exemption);

(3) Application for administrative approval.

(b) Within fourteen days of issuing a letter of completeness under Chapter 21.05, the city shall issue a notice of development application. The notice shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1) Name of the applicant;

(2) Date of application;

(3) The date of the letter of completeness;

(4) The location of the project;

(5) A project description;

(6) The requested approvals, actions, and/or required studies;

(7) A public comment period not less than fourteen nor more than thirty days;

(8) Identification of existing environmental documents;

(9) A city staff contact and telephone number;

(10) The date, time, and place of a public hearing if one is scheduled;

(11) A statement that the decision on the application will be made within one-hundred twenty days of the date of the letter of completeness.

(c) The notice of development application shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation. This notice may be issued prior to or together with other required notices when possible, but is not a substitute for the other notices.

(d) Except for a determination of significance, the city may not issue its threshold determination or issue a decision or recommendation on a project permit until the expiration of the public comment period on the notice of development application [RCW 36.70B.110]. (Ord. 1641 § 21, 2004.)