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(a) The city of Selah shall apply the provisions of Chapter 47.50 RCW, Chapter 468-51 WAC, and Chapter 468-52 WAC in the review of access issues relating to State Route 823. A copy of Chapter 47.50 RCW and of Chapters 468-51 and 468-52 WAC are adopted by reference, attached to the ordinance codified in this section, and by this reference incorporated herein. A copy of each referenced item so adopted shall be maintained in the office of the city clerk for use and examination by members of the public.

(b) The city of Selah, with concurrence by the Washington State Department of Transportation, establishes that portion of State Route 823 passing through the limits of the city of Selah, as a Class Five access control facility subject to the provisions listed under Chapter 468-52-040(3) WAC. (Ord. 1638 § 4, 2004.)