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Every lot or parcel of land improved to provide a public or private parking area having a capacity of two or more vehicles shall meet the following specifications:

(1) Surfacing. New off-street parking areas shall be paved with two inch-thick asphalt surfacing on aggregate base or equivalent surfacing acceptable to the city so as to eliminate dust or mud, and shall be graded and drained to a plan acceptable to the city. Grading and drainage facilities shall be arranged so that no water drains across sidewalks.

(2) Border Barricades and Screening.

(A) Any parking areas that are not separated by a fence from any street property line upon which it abuts shall be provided with a suitable concrete curb or timber barrier not less than six inches in height and located not less than two feet from the street property line. Such curb or barrier shall be securely installed and maintained; provided, no such curb or barrier shall be required across any driveway or entrance to the parking area.

(B) Every parking area abutting property located in any residential zone shall be separated from such property by a solid masonry wall or wood fence, which wall or fence shall be four to six feet in height; provided, that along the required front yard the wall shall not exceed two feet in height. No such wall need be provided where the elevation of that portion of the parking area immediately adjacent to a residential zone is six feet or more below the elevation of such residentially zoned property along the common property line.

(3) Driveway Surfacing. All public or private driveways shall be surfaced for a minimum distance of twenty-five feet back from the street or curb to a minimum width of twenty feet at the curb and constructed in accordance with the specifications established in subsection (1) of this section. (Ord. 1634 § 133, 2004.)