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(a) Each side of an attached single-family dwelling must be architecturally diverse from the opposite dwelling with varying roof design, siding, and windows so as to appear as an individual single-family home connected through a common wall.

(b) Attached single-family dwellings must also have an architectural design that is consistent and compatible with the surrounding dwellings and neighborhood.

(c) All attached single-family dwellings must incorporate a two- or three-car garage (carports are strictly prohibited).

(d) All attached single-family dwellings must incorporate either an offset or differing orientation of the two dwelling units.

(e) Any brick, stone or false brick or stone used on the face of the building shall return two feet around and beyond the corner.

(f) Each dwelling unit shall be individually connected to the city of Selah's municipal water and sewer system. (Ord. 2046 § 2 (Exh. A), 2018.)