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The two-family residential (R-2) zoning district is established to provide for single- or two-family residential development where urban governmental services are currently available or will be extended by the proponent to facilitate development at no public cost. This zoning district will not be established in an area unless public sewer and water facilities are in existence or will be extended by the proponent simultaneous with project development.

Specifically, the intent of this district is to:

(1) Provide for an orderly transition from vacant or partially developed land to single-family or two-family residential uses;

(2) Facilitate coordinated and collaborative public infrastructure investment;

(3) Require individual lot connections to municipal water and sewer systems;

(4) Require developments to meet the city's minimum urban development standards;

(5) Particular emphasis shall be given to ensuring that R-2 uses and land divisions will facilitate future residential development and extension of utilities. (Ord. 2046 § 2 (Exh. A), 2018; Ord. 1634 § 56, 2004.)