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(a) Unless specifically designated, the maximum penalty for a violation of any chapter, section or provision of this title shall upon conviction be a fine up to one thousand dollars and/or imprisonment up to ninety days.

(b) The Selah municipal court judge shall establish a forfeitable schedule for any violation that does not specifically include an imprisonment provision. All violations which do not include an imprisonment provision shall be classified as nontraffic infractions and the penalty imposed shall be forfeitable. The animal control officer shall have the authority to forgo the forfeitable schedule and issue a citation instructing the violator to appear before the Selah municipal court judge when the violator has committed multiple violations or repeated violation of any chapter, section or provision of this title.

(c) The Selah municipal court judge has the authority to order animals of any owner who continually or habitually violate any chapter, section or provision impounded and disposed of according to law or humanely destroyed. "Continually or habitually" means three violations of this title within a six-month period, five violations within a year, six violations within two year, or any violation thereafter. The judge may consider documented warnings issued by the animal control officer, forfeited fines paid and any other violations pending before the court when determining whether to impound and lawfully dispose of the violator's animal(s). (Ord. 1972 § 1, 2015; Ord. 1121, 1993; Ord. 912 § 2, 1988.)