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21.07.035 Signage requirements for certain land use applications.
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(a) Signs shall be installed on property that is the subject of a land use application consistent with the following criteria and format for all those types of land use matters specified therein:

The Land Use Action posted signage shall be a sign to provide the public notification that a land use application has been submitted to the city for a proposed change to the property. The following information describes the details of the Land Use Action sign.

Posting of at least one sign and in some cases more than one sign on the site or in a location immediately adjacent to the site that provides visibility to motorists using adjacent streets. The city of Selah has established standards for size, color, layout, design, wording, placement and timing of installation and removal of the sign(s) to provide clarification to this section.

(1) General Information. The Land Use Action sign shall be known in this section as the "sign" and as stated in this section as the official sign for application for the following land use matters:

(A) Subdivision/SEPA;

(B) Rezone/SEPA;

(C) Comprehensive Plan Amendments;

(D) Annexation;

(E) Appeal.

(2) Sign Description and Content. The city will have the appropriate information printed on a four-foot by four-foot board with the following specifications:

(A) Letter Style. Helvetica or similar standard typeface;

(B) Letter Size.

(i) Four and one-fourth inch bold capital letters for the title,

(ii) Land Use Action proposed for this site,

(iii) Four and one-fourth inch bold capital letters for the footer,

(iv) Contact the city of Selah (698-7365);

(C) Letter Color.

(i) Black letters for the title block and the footer, and

(ii) The city logo placed on each side of center of the sign;

(D) Type of Land Use Action Designation.

(i) The type of Land Use Action shall be placed in the center of the sign,

(ii) Sign background shall be a highly visible yellow color.

(3) Signage Installation. The applicant shall install the Land Use Action signs according to the specifications shown in the Land Use Action installation diagram. These signs shall be located:

(A) At the midpoint on the street frontage from which the site is addressed or as otherwise directed by the planning staff;

(B) At a location ten feet back from the property line;

(C) Signs structurally attached to an existing building shall be exempted from the setback requirement; provided, that no sign is located further than ten feet from the property line without written approval from planning staff;

(D) The top of the sign shall be positioned between five to six feet above grade;

(E) The sign can be easily read from the adjacent street and/or sidewalk; and

(F) The sign is easily accessible, easily read and can be seen from the property line.

(4) Installation Certification. To certify that the Land Use Action sign has been installed, the applicant shall complete and sign the Land Use Action Installation Certification and return it to the planning staff in person, by general mail or fax.

(A) The Land Use Action sign shall be maintained in good condition until the final decision on the application.

(B) The date of the Land Use Action sign installation will be at least twenty days before the public meeting.

(5) Maintenance and Removal. The Land Use Action sign shall be maintained in good condition until the final decision on the application.

The sign shall be removed after the final city decision is made on the application within fifteen days of the decision or withdrawn or canceled.

(b) A signed and dated installation certificate must be submitted by each property owner or developer required to post signs in conformance with this section on the form provided by the city of Selah planning department. (Ord. 1731 § 1, 2008.)