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(a) Definitions. A “master plan review” shall consist of a set of residential building plans submitted and reviewed as such and approved by the city of Selah in which the applicant intends to reuse exactly as reviewed and approved.

(b) Master plans approved under specific building code editions are executable so long as the edition under which review was approved is still enforced and applicable. In the event of revised code adoption a new master plan must be submitted and subject to the process of a master plan review.

(c) The first construction under a master plan will incur standard full plan review, building, plumbing, mechanical and other applicable permit fees.

(d) Additional construction under a master plan will incur a reduced plan review fee as forth in Section 20.24.020, Other Inspections and Fees, line item 6. All other building, plumbing, mechanical, and other applicable fees will remain in full. (Ord. 2028 § 1 (Exh.A), 2017.)