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The following signs are prohibited:

(1) Signs which purport to be, are an imitation of, or resemble an official traffic sign or signal and could cause confusion with any official sign, or which obstruct the visibility of any traffic/street sign or signal;

(2) Signs attached to utility poles, street light and traffic signal poles;

(3) Swinging projecting signs;

(4) Signs in a dilapidated condition, i.e. containing peeling paint, major cracks or holes, and/or loose or dangling materials or otherwise constituting a hazardous condition;

(5) Abandoned signs, the message medium, not the sign structure;

(6) Signs on doors, windows, or fire escapes that restrict free and unimpeded ingress or egress;

(7) Roof signs, off-premise signs and billboards;

(8) Any other sign not meeting the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 1634 § 151, 2004.)