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(a) In any district, any permitted use or structure and customary accessory buildings may be erected on any legal lot of record. This provision shall apply even though such lot fails to meet the current requirements for area or width, or both, that are generally applicable in the district; provided, that setback dimensions and other requirements not involving area or width of the lot shall conform to the regulations for the district in which such lot is situated.

(b) Lots may become nonconforming as the result of the adoption or amendment of this title, but nonconforming lots shall not be created through the grant of a development authorization, or other permit under Selah Municipal Code, except that lots dedicated for public utility facilities may be exempted from the lot size requirements of this title by the administrative official. Existing nonconforming lots shall only be altered or reconfigured in such a way as to achieve or increase conformity with the zoning district's lot size and dimensional requirements. (Ord. 1634 § 143, 2004.)