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The expansion of legal nonconforming manufactured/mobile home parks is an incentive to improve the livability of the park and upgrade the dwelling units within it. It is recognized and anticipated that some existing parks will not be able to meet all requirements for expansion.

(1) Expansion of a legal nonconforming manufactured/mobile home park shall only be allowed when such expansion also includes substantial improvements in the existing manufactured/mobile home park to such a degree that the existing park, including the expanded area complies with or is substantially more in conformance with the provisions of applicable codes and this title and more compatible with the surrounding neighborhood than it would be otherwise if expansion is denied.

(2) The reviewing official shall determine the extent and nature of improvements required in the existing park to conform to applicable codes and this title.

(3) This section expressly prohibits an increase in the number of dwelling units within a legal nonconforming manufactured/mobile home park which already exceeds allowable zoning density unless the administrative official finds:

(A) That such increase is required to finance improvements in the older part of the manufactured/mobile home park;

(B) Such increase is compatible with the neighborhood;

(C) The water and sanitary facilities will be adequate to meet the needs of the park's residents;

(4) The reviewing official may require that some existing dwelling units within the park be moved to the expansion area to make the manufactured/mobile home park, as a whole, more conforming to the provisions of applicable codes.

(5) The number of replacement dwelling units allowed may be adjusted by the reviewing official, based on the number of existing bedrooms and the configuration of the mobile/manufactured home park, in order to achieve the objectives of this title.

(6) The expanded number of dwellings units shall not exceed more than fifty percent of the existing developed spaces within the park or twenty dwelling units, whichever is less. The reviewing official may decrease the actual number of spaces approved for a proposed expansion, depending on the proposed degree of improvement and conformance of the park with applicable codes. In no event shall the reviewing official approve more spaces than is herein provided.

(7) When the expansion is located adjacent to an agricultural use, floodplain or shoreline management area, the following is required to mitigate the effects of the expansion:

(A) A declarative covenant shall be recorded on the deed for the property, as provided in Chapter 10.08.130. The applicant shall provide a copy of the declaration to all existing and new residents of the park.

(B) Perimeter buffering techniques shall be employed which may include fencing, berms, landscape plantings, increased setbacks, road placements, and other measures designed to increase the distance and compatibility between residences and potentially conflicting agricultural uses, floodplains or shoreline management area. (Ord. 1634 § 98, 2004.)